• 30. oktober 2020


JHC 2018

After a long day at Kongenshus we ended Jutland Heath Cup 2018 with the pricegiving in a nice sunset.

It started a bit cloudy and with a few drops before the sun took over. But with the sun came more wind and big termal. We saw flying of 8 minutes and more in these conditions and ended up 2,5 km away, but still inside the field.

With more participants flying 2 classes we had 1,5 hour rounds to give time to retrive and help each other, and 180 s max in all rounds, because the winddirection was chancing many times during the day. So better to be safe inside the field at all time.

In all classes we had flyoff. In F1A 5 of 19 made it to the flyoff and two made the 7 minutes. Siegfried was satified with the second place and went to find his model, letting Dirk make a high nice bond to win.

In F1B Dag again took the win in the flyoff with 4 out off 8.

In F1Q 7 out of 8 made it to the flyoff where Marcel Amthor took the win.

In F1S 5 of 7 was in flyoff, but Mike Amthor made no doubt there.

JHC2018-8957  JHC2018-8958


Results 2018 after a lovely warm flying day

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