• 1. oktober 2020


Stævnetype: Fritflyvning (F1A+B+C,F1 alt)

Tæller til: World Cup

Tilmeldingskrav: Navn, land, klasser, FAI ID nummer

Deltagergebyr: 30 Euro pr. klasse, 10 Euro for ekstra klasser 15 Euro pr klasse for juniorer.

Publikumsentré: Ingen entre. Men nogle år betaler man besøgs afgift til kongenshus hede

Info ved aflysning: Sker ikke, men der er reservedag søndag, hvis alt glipper.

Sikkerhedsansvarlig: Peter Rasmussen

Link til mere info

Jutland Heath Cup - Fritflyvning

Dato: Lørdag d. 8. juni 2019 (Reservedag: 9. juni 2019)
Sted: Kongenshus Hede
Arrangør: Fritflyvning Danmark

Jutland Heath Cup 2019

Open Free Flight World Cup contest in Denmark

We will like to invite you to this fourth International World Cup event held in a national park, which is a protected heath area, open to the public. Date an place Saturday June 8th 2019 (reserve day June 9th) Kongenshus Memorial Park, near Viborg, Jutland, Denmark Signs to the field from : Kongenshus Hotel, Vestre Skivevej 142, 8800 Viborg 56°23’21.3”N 9°09’01.0”E


Breefing at 10.30 on the field. The competition will be 5 rounds from 11.00. Flying time and length of rounds depending on weather conditions.

Disciplines F1A, F1B, F1S, F1Q

Sign up & contact Send e-mail to : Contest Director Peter Rasmussen pr.arkitekter@gmail.com, tel. +45 4016 5727 (name, country, disciplines, NAC & FAI ID no.)

Entry fee 30 € and 15€ for juniors to be paid at registration. Extra classes 10 € each.

Contest rules

FAI Sporting Code, except for time keeping. (The participants must time each other. A participant qualified for fly-off, must provide minimum 1 timekeeper for the Contest Directors distribution.)

General information

The heather vegetation is generally varied 10 to 50 cm. high, and is fenced for sheep’s grazing the area. Use of vehicles is only allowed on the road in central eastern area. Information and map of the park at: http://www.kongenshus.dk/Front-page.13897.aspx