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Sønderborg Eurotour 2009

Sidst opdateret: 3. juni 2009 (kontaktperson: Peter Bech)

Official invitation to F5B/F5F EuroTour Contest in Sønderborg, Denmark 20-21. june 2009


Date of contest:

20-21. june 2009

Place of contest:


Sønderborg airfield www.sonderborgmodelflyveklub.dk

(click "Klub info -> Beliggenhed")

Valid for:


  • TheDanish F5B/F5F rankinglist for the 2010 national team selection
  • Danish championship 2009
  • EuroTour Contest 2009


RC-Unionen Danmark, El-styringsgruppen and Sønderborg Modelflyveklub

Contest secretary and entry:

Peter Bech, Søndergårdsavej 43, 3500 Værløse, Denmark

E-mail: peter.w.bech@informi.com

Phone: +45 4087 7601 Fax: +45 4593 6335

At entry, remember to state:

  • Class(classes): F5B/F5F/HotLiner Open
  • Frequency
  • Foodpackage yes/no

Club contact:

Torben Jørgensen

E-mail: ?

Phone +45 5123 7874

Contest rules:

FAI/EuroTour local rules for 2008.

We expect to have a limiter test instrument

Experimental rules:

A "HotLinerOpen" class is available for pilots not flying any of the EuroTour classes.

The only rule in "HotlinerOpen" is max 75g/dm2 and common sense


The course will be towards north and direction line B to the left

Start of Contest:

Start list ready on screen display saturday at 08.00.

Briefing saturday at 09.00, first start saturday at 10.00.

First start sunday at 09.00


Course will be ready for training from 14.00 friday

Additional rquirements:

  • All foreign participants must have a proper insurance for this event.
  • Remember to bring an additional receiver for the timing system.
  • Participants must present a valid FAI license for 2008

Entry fees

One class: 30 euro (225 kr)

Two classes 35 euro (265 kr)



Camping at the airfield is possible. There is toilet facilites and washing water and 220V from mains and camping plugs

Campers (Caravans and Autocampers) are charged 3,50 euro (kr. 25) per unit per night.

There are also many nearby hotels, hostels and motels. Larger surrounding cities are: Aabenrå and Flensburg.

Food and beverages:

All meals/beverages will be available/arranged at the airfield from saturday morning untill lunch sunday at reasonable prices.


A complete foodpackage consisting of 2x breakfast, 2x lunch and the famous saturday evening grill party will be available and the estimated price of 30 euro (225 kr.). A corresponding "Hotel pack" less brakfast will be 20 euro (150kr.)

Happy flying

Peter Bech and Torben Jørgensen