• 25. november 2020

Scoringsstatistikker/Score statistics

Latest competition included: EC Rumania 2009

Ranking algorithm: Average of minimum 6 and up to the 20 best laps flown in the the last 2 years.

Data base: The database is extracted primarily from Contest Eurotour, Danish competitions, some US and WC's since Winterthur.

Graphics: The graphics consists of all the contestants scores the last 4 years. To make a realistic picture of the progress, "mishaps" are excluded from graph:

The F5B mishap filter is < 32 laps, < 9 min soar time, > 20 sec motortime. The F5F mishap filter is < 24 laps, < 9 min soar time, > 30 sec motortime. The paranthesis after each name on graph tells: no of datasets counting/no of mishaps.


F5F (Frozen per april 2009. Update wil be continued when F5F gets its first international championship)