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Sidst opdateret: 14. august 2015 (kontaktperson: Kristian O.P. Nielsen)

IMAC Denmark has the absolute pleasure to invite you to the 6th Nordic Championships in IMAC. Classes to be flown are; Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, and Freestyle. In addition to the known sequences, there will be unknown sequences in the Sportsman, intermediate, and Advanced classes.


1.1 General info

Rules to be used are the latest version of AMA Competition Regulations, Radio Control Scale Aerobatics, as published in the rules section on the IMAC website, www.mini-iac.com. The Nordic Championship will be official as soon as one round (2 sequences known) is completed in each class (one sequence Freestyle).


1.1.1 Location and time

The Nordic Championship will be hosted by IMAC Denmark, and takes place at:


Lindtorp Flyvecer

Donskærvej 4

7600 Struer



The venue will take place Thursday August 20th  - Sunday august 23rd 2015.


Practice times will be Monday August 17th through Wednesday August 19th 2015.

GPS coordinates: N56.394980, E8.442103.


Lindtorp Flyvecenter presents a 1200 meter tarmac airstrip heading 08/26, 21 meters wide. The airstrip is primarily at IMAC NM's disposal. Full size flight activities can occur, and thus model airplane pilots may be asked to land their plane in order to allow full size aircraft to land.


During training session Monday to Wednesday, 2 or 3 flying sites on the tarmac strip will be pointed out. More details will be announced later


Temperature at Lindtorp is approximately 19 degrees at day and 9 degrees at night with an daily average of 14 degrees Celcius,

Sunrise is at 04:30 hrs and sunset is at 22:00 hrs.

All safety rules must be obeyed strictly. Remember; this is an airport!


1.1.2 Participating teams

This invitation has been sent to the following countries: Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark. The invited countries are welcome to register a maximum of three (3) pilots in each of the above mentioned competition classes.


Each team can have a maximum of 3 contestants in each of the following classes; Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, and Freestyle. A national team can therefore consist of a maximum of fifteen (15) pilots.


Each team will forward a list of team participants by August 1st  2015:


The manager of each national team is to send a list containing the following information for each contestant;

  • Name of pilot
  • Class including freestyle if so
  • Aircraft type
  • Frequency
  • Membership number or competition licence number from the national federation
  • A list of team support members.

Each team has to bring their national flag.

A jury will be selected.

The Contest Director (CD) and chief judge will be part of the jury, in addition

there will be 3 jurors selected from the teams.


1.1.3. Complaints.

All complaints must be issued in the form of a filled out official complaint form available from the CD. Filing a formal complaint to the jury costs DKK 500,- and is to be paid in cash to the CD. The jury will address the complaint as soon as possible after payment has been made.


This sum will be returned if the jury rules in favor and the complaint is accepted. If the jury rules against and the complaint is not accepted, there will be no refund.


Examples where complaints could be considered are unsportsmanlike behavior, cheating, mistreatment, misconduct of regulations etc. Judges scoring of aerobatic maneuvers, sound score and airspace control are not subject to complaints and cannot be overruled.


1.2 Preliminary schedule

The aim of the competition is to achieve: Basic 4rounds (8 known seq), Sportsman, Intermediate, and Advanced 3 rounds (6known sequences) and 1 round unknown (1 sequence) and Freestyle 1 round.

Additional rounds known or unknowns or freestyle rounds can be added.

Minimum requirement for a valid Nordic Championship is: 1 round (2 sequences) in

all classes and 1 round Freestyle


The preliminary timing based on:

-Basic:                                9 contestants

-Sportsman:  9 contestants

-Intermediate:                     9 contestants

-Advanced    6: contestants

-Freestyle:     6 contestants


The time schedule of the competition is not yet fully established. The following overall time schedule is expected:


Monday - Wednesday       Training

Wednesday                                              Participants registration + final details prior to competition start

Thursday                                Flying known rounds all classes and distribution of unknown programs

Friday                                                                             Flying known and unknown programs all classes

Saturday                                                   Final known rounds + banquet and price ceremony

Sunday                                                     Spare competition day


1.3 Radio frequencies


List of approved/legal frequencies during the event:


35 MHz

35.000, 35.010, 35.020, 35.030, 35.040, 35.050, 35.060, 35.070,

35.080, 35.090, 35.100, 35.110, 35.120, 35.130, 35.140, 35.150,

35.160, 35.170, 35.180, 35.190, 35.200, 35.210, 35.220, 35.230,

35.240, 35.250, 35.260, 35.270, 35.280, 35.290, 35.300


40 MHz

40.665, 40.675, 40.685, 40.695


2,4 GHz

2400-2483,5 GHz


This frequency is allowed with an effect of up to 10/100 mW in accordance with EU regulation EN 300 328.


Communication/Use of radio/Airspace



1.4  Access to hangar

The hangar will be made available for all contestants to store their planes in. The hangar will be locked each night.


1.4.1 Maintenance area

The hangar will function as maintenance area. Signs will be put up.


1.4.2 Transportation

Transport between hangar and flight line is approximately 200 meters to the main flight line. Each contestant is expected to take care of his/hers own airplane.


1.5 Radio impound

There will be NO radio impound during official practice and competition. It is

the responsibility of every pilot to be aware of "his/hers" channel and to use



1.6 Sound check

Most of the Nordic countries are more noise sensitive than USA. Therefore

the on ground sound limits published in the abovementioned rules (Section

5.1) are not applicable. The rules regarding the in-flight judging criteria

(Section 5.4) will be used and in effect.


1.7 Airplane inspection

Due to Danish regulations on model airplanes, the maximum weight of the competing airplanes must not exceed 25 kg. If an airplane weighs between 7 and 25 kg, an inspection of the airplane will be carried out by Jes Bering, who is a member of the control team under Modelflyvning Danmark.


The scope of the inspection can be found in the following scheme:




1.8 Judges

Judges will be announced in a later version of the bulletin.

Chief Judge is Jes Bering, who also will be responsible for the security during the contest.


2.0 Accommodations

Lindtorp Flyvecenter has sufficient room for camping with caravans, mobile homes and tents. There are sufficient power connection for 40 camping units, if electric power consumption is kept at a reasonable level. Sufficient toilet and wash/bathing facilities will be provided.

The price for accomondation on Lindtorp Flyvecenter is included in the entry fee.


Hannas Caravan rental (http://hcu.dk/) has previously supplied model airplane pilots with accomondation facilities at arrangements in Lindtorp. The company sets up caravan and apron, and takes it down after the rental period (plug-and-play-accomondation). Please contact the company, if needed.


Arrival at Lindtorp Flyvecenter is possible from Monday 17th of August at noon.


2.1 Other alternatives for accomodations

Other options for accomondation could be at hostel in Holstebro:


Sysselting 2

7500 Holstebro



2.2 Parking

All parking is assignet to specific areas. All parking outside these areas is prohibited.


3.0 Entry fee and registration

The entry fee is DDK 1500,- for each contestant. This includes banquet dinner DKK 250,- .


For team leader and other team personnel there is no entry fee except for

the cost of the banquet as above.


4.0 Language

The official language for the Nordic Championship will be English.


5.0 Web Page

A separate section/link for the Nordic Championship will be made available on the

Danish IMAC-website www.mini-iac.dk


6.0 Contact info

Contest Director : Kristian Overgaard Pade Nielsen     Telephone +45 30183938


Organizing committee:

Kristian Overgaard Pade Nielsen

+45 30183938



Jes Bering

+45 60801971



7.0 Additional info

A local model airplane club will host breakfast Wednesday-Sunday morning as well as lunch Wednesday-Saturday at the Lindtorp facilities.


Additionally, they will arrange sufficient barbecue space for the competitors own dinners Wednesday-Saturday.


Coffee, tea, beverages etc, can be purchased on the flying site Wednesday through Saturday.


There are several options for shopping foods, beverages and other necessities in nearby towns.


There are indoor facilities available for intake of meals and recreation. There will be draught beer sale in these facilities, available after the sequences of the day are finished.


FAI-License! All contestants are required to present a valid FAI-license.



On the behalf of IMAC Denmark and with wishes of a great experience


Jes Bering & Kristian Nielsen