• 29. september 2020



The 2013 FAI World Championship for Soaring Model Aircraft (F3K) will be organised The Royal Danish Aeroclub (KDA) and The Danish Modelflying Association (Modelflyvning Danmark) 

Dates (preliminary)

Pre-contest: 20-21 July 2013
World championship: 21-27 July 2013
For detailed program select the Contest Schedule link


The location is Herning in Denmark.  
Please click on the map to open a new window with a zoomable map.



Skinderholm, Herning Glidingclub airfield


Approximately 350 x 250 m lawn area will be avalible for the contest
Please click on the picture for a map of the airfield area.

Address Herning Glidingclub,
Skinderholmvej 7
7400 Herning
GPS coordinates N 56°11'12.21"  E 9° 2'22.03
Altitude Approx 26 m / 85 ft
Sunrise (July) 5:30
Sunset (July) 21:30

Tempertaure (July)

Average 15,6 °C 
Average daytime 19,8 °C


Preliminary Entry form must be received no later than ..
Official Final Entry Forms must be received no later than ..
All entry fees must be received no later than ..

Entry forms and fees submitted after .... will incur a 40 % penalty or may be refused by the organiser. Payment of entry fees will not be accepted at the arrival and registration of the team.

Organisation Team