• 25. november 2020

Corrected results

Dear friends,

After the 7th Swinging Denmark F3K 2014 contest a small error has been discovered.
In the 7th and last round Johannes Voigt, GER and Christian Behrens, GER accidentally switched scorecards, and were therefor scored wrongly. Both score cards show one persons name in print and the other persons signature, and both pilots agree that it was what happened, and they reacted to the error as fast as possible. Regnar and Erik together with the jury (Ulrich and Loet so far (14th of august) / 2 out of 3) have decided to make what was wrong, right. The right scores will be updated on F3X vault before the weekend of 16th-17th of august 2014.
It was lovely to see you all and we hope to see you again at the 8th Swinging Denmark F3K 2015
Yours sincerely
Regnar Petersen and Erik Dahl Christensen
Johannes Voigts scorecard signed by Christians Behrens as pilot:

CB Scorecard


Christian Behrens scorecard signed by Johannes Voigt as pilot:

JV Scorecard


Overall Classification

Detail results