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9th Swinging Denmark 2016

Sidst opdateret: 9. juni 2016 (kontaktperson: Regnar Petersen)

Dear friends,

We are looking forward to seeing you the weekend of 13. and 14. of August 2016 in Brande, Denmark.

For the 9 th. Swinging Denmark we will use Tim Trevors F3Xvault for registration and scoring. So please visit this link for registration. If the Hyperlink does not work go to www.f3xvault.com and find the contest there.

Your registration is valid when we have registered your payment which must be no later than th 22. of July. Payment is done with Paypal in the f3xvault. You are welcome to register early and wait with your payment until deadline.

F3K for ladies

Again this year we are supporting the ladies in their effort to have a female f3k class reconized by the FAI.